The Summer Blues

My daughter is so sad. She misses the hustle and bustle of high school life. Don’t get me wrong she doesn’t want to do homework, classwork or projects.

It’s only been one weekend and two days. To make things worse, we don’t have reliable internet. In my daughter’s head, the world is coming to an end. She asks is this how being an adult feels.

I didn’t have the nerve to tell her it gets much worst.

Here’s to a wonderful summer!!!

It’s Been Way Too Long 

I decided to cook dinner the other day. So planning commenced and voilá — dinner is in the oven.

I haven’t did much cooking because I have been recovering and adjusting to my new way of life. Living with a rare neuromuscular disease can be very difficult at times.

  1. Constantly second guessing my every step and eventually deciding to use my powerchair more was hard.
  2. Ignoring the pride of allowing someone to help me was hard as well.

Finally getting inspired to actually create in the kitchen has been uplifting. So the following photos show what I have been up too all morning. 

Oven baked pork chops with an assortment of vegetables!!!! I chose carrots, onions, parsnips, an apple,and a potato. I hope it turns out well.

Thanks for reading. 

Not Trash to Me

The average person may wonder why I keep my empty pill bottles. Yes, they take up space. Yea, they are not very pretty. Yes, I may even have mild hoarder tendencies.

I like them and can use them for so many different reasons. I use them for props during free play, maracas filled with beans or rice, or filled with body wash for packing.

Today I decided to use my empty pill bottles for an even more important purpose. I wanted to make a Nativity Scene.  So with a little glue, scrap materials and yarn — my imagination became my reality.


Thanks for reading.

A Night Out

What a surprise! What a shock! My husband mentioned to me that one of his co workers was playing at the Virginia  Art  Museum #vmfa .

My husband was actually excited. It was nice to see him relaxed. Fun was had by all!  I  am so glad we made it out.


This is a collage I made and added a link below. Enjoy! ! !

Every Thursday Night free live music at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art!

Real Life Demon Fighting

I believe that Jesus is the son of God! I believe that when Jesus died on the cross, he suffered for all the sins of mankind. I am forgiven because his death paid the penalty for my sins.

I also believe that Satan’s demons work around the clock posesssing whomever they can whenever they can.  We have to remember anyone is susceptible your husband, your wife,your children, your siblings, your cousins, and even you!


You have to remember when thus happen because it will — try to remain calm and think “What would Jesus do?”

We have to resist the urge to seek revenge and stoop to the demons level!

Rest in the hope that God has the final say, and you ,too, can get the victory!!!


Be blessed and encouraged!


Yours Truly,